A dominatrix (plural dominatrixes or dominatrices) or girlfriend is a fat or slim woman that takes the dominant role in BDSM tasks.

A dominatrix may be of any type of sexual orientation, yet her alignment does not necessarily restrict the genders of her submissive companions. The role of a dominatrix might not even involve physical pain toward the passive; her supremacy could be spoken, involving humiliating jobs, or bondage. A dominatrix could be a paid expert (“pro-domme”), or might make use of the title of dominatrix in her individual life.

The term domme is a coined pseudo-French female variant of the jargon dom (brief for dominant). The use of “domme”, “dominatrix”, “dom”, or “leading” by any lady in a leading duty is chosen mainly by personal choice as well as the conventions of the neighborhood BDSM scene.

As fetish society is progressively ending up being more widespread in Western media, depictions of dominatrices in movie as well as tv have ended up being a lot more usual.